heat exchanger for ice machine

heat exchanger for ice machine

Heat Exchanger for Ice Machine

Product Profile:

Water cooled Condensing Coils are optimal solution for Ice Machine to achievehigher efficiency.

Product Feature:

1.Water in the inner coil and gas in between the inner and outer coil to enhanceturbulence intensity and heat transfer coefficient.

2. Spirally corrugated inner tube increase heat transfer surface tocreate higher efficiency.

3. Reliable with higher pressure stand and less welding points.

4. Anti-freezing and self-cleaning.

Model List of Heat Exchanger for Ice Machine
Model Refrigerant Capacity Drawing
lb-ice/day kg/day
SS-0050GT R404 150 68 View Drawings
SS-0055GT R404 320 145 View Drawings
SS-0060GT R404 450 204 View Drawings
SS-0075GT R404 600 272 View Drawings
SS-0125GT R404 800 363 View Drawings