Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine

New efficient compact intercooler for Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine

New efficient compact intercooler

The intercooler reduces the temperature of the air when it enters the high-pressure compressor. The compression power consumption of the compressor is therefore reduced, and the specific power of the entire unit is improved.

Shenshi's research and development and production-a new type of high-efficiency and compact intercooler for gas turbines to meet the high efficiency compact heat exchange of gas turbines.



· High efficiency, low resistance and high compactness;

· It can effectively improve the efficiency of the gas turbine and reduce the fuel consumption, and play a key role in the intercooled gas turbine system;

· It can effectively reduce the temperature of the airflow entering the high-pressure compressor and reduce the compression power consumption of the high-pressure compressor, thereby increasing the output power of the gas turbine.


Marine engines, large marine vessels and gas turbines in ships; SCO2 gas turbine heat exchanger; Fossil-fired engine heat recovery


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