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What are the service advantages of choosing HZSS's Microreactor?

What are the service advantages of choosing HZSS's Microreactor?1. Large selection range:316L, duplex steel, Kazakhstan C276, TA10, Zr, silicon carbide and other different material options;2. Product diversification:Micro-channel mixer, micro-channel heat exchanger, micro-channel reactor, tubular reactor;3. Ultra high flexibility:Multi-strands can be fed and the temperature can be controlled in zones. At the same time, it can be used alone or in multiple groups in series;4. Standardized takeover size or can provide takeover customized service:Standard imperial or metric interface, can provide private customized services, to facilitate the connection with other equipment systems;5. Provide product customization services:Provide customers with special design and customized services to fully meet the various needs of customers;6. Easy to realize the transformation from laboratory to industrialization:The product has a high compact structure, no amplification effect, and is easy to realize industrialization.

For the status quo in the country, does our production and delivery have any impact?

For the status quo in the country, does our production and delivery have any impact?The answer is: noAt the beginning of the year 2020, affected by the “Corona virus-19”, domestic companies' resumption of work will be affected. Subsequently, the people of the whole country worked together for the epidemic situation, the domestic epidemic situation was well controlled, and the enterprises started production in an orderly manner.Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. also became one of the first batch of approved resumption enterprises in Hangzhou, and officially resumed work in mid-February. The rate of employees returning to work has reached 90%, and the combination of factory production and online office is implemented under the condition that the production capacity, delivery time and delivery are not reduced.After the resumption of work, the company implemented the form of “health code” scan code and temperature measurement for each employee to enter and exit the company. At the same time, it also regularly killed key areas such as workshops, canteens, and office spaces to achieve batch entry, separate meals, and avoid personnel. Gather.While ensuring the health and safety of company personnel, the company's production capacity will be restored to the greatest extent. Orderly order, production, shipment, and production capacity have basically recovered as before.

What patent inventions does Shenshi have?

What patent inventions does Shenshi have?Shenshi has applied for 68 valid patents and 43 authorized patents (including 17 authorized invention patents and 26 utility model patents).Some examples are summarized: a double-walled spiral corrugated metal tube and a processing method thereof (invention patent), a coil tube and a heat exchanger having the coil tube (invention patent), a micro-channel heat exchanger (utility model patent), compact Type micro-channel heat exchanger (utility model patent), a new type of micro-channel structure (utility model patent), a double-shell structure heat exchanger (invention patent), an efficient heat exchange tube and its evaporative condensation (Invention patent), integrated micro-channel heat exchanger (utility model patent), a fin-type heat exchange unit and a heat exchanger containing the unit (utility model patent), a gas-solid phase microreactor (utility model patent), a rotary heat exchanger (utility model patent), a microreactor (utility model patent), a coil evaporation condenser (utility model patent), etc.

How to seek for after-sales service?

If you are not satisfied with the products you have got from HZSS, you can contact the sales manager who sold you the heat exchangers.Warranty usually start from the day when heat exchanger is installed and last for 12 months and warranty only contain the defect of manufacturing and material, but under no condition will the warranty last more than 15 months. In warranty period, HZSS will fix the product for free, and if the heat exchanger can not be fixed than we will change a new one for you. Beyond warranty period, the repair service will be paid for.For HZSS to find the problem and dealing with it earlier, we wish you to filling the Product Problem Reply Letter and send it to us.FAX:+86-571-6451 5888EMAIL:gjb6@hzssjn.comService StandardAfter receiving your apply for after-sales service, Our sales manager will reply you within 24 hours(except weekend and holiday).

Is HZSS has any subsidiary?

Yes, HZSS now have 2 subsidiaries in China: 1. Hangzhou Micro-control Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.  2. Zhejiang weiziyuan Energy Technology Co. Ltd.

How much is HZSS’ company area?

The area of HZSS's factory area is 44,000 m2, and the administrative office building area is about 1500m2. Currently, there are 3 production workshops covering an area of 10,000 m2, and the workshop will increases in the later period.

What is HZSS’ working time?

Our staff working for 8 hours a day:In Summer: 8:00-11:30 AM 13:00-17:30 PMIn winter: 8:00-11:30 AM 12:30-17:00 PM

What is the our company full name?

Now, the full name of our company is: Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., and short name is HZSS.