SS coaxial coils

How to seek for after-sales service?
If you are not satisfied with the products you have got from HZSS, you can contact the sales manager who sold you the heat exchangers.
Warranty usually start from the day when heat exchanger is installed and last for 12 months and warranty only contain the defect of manufacturing and material, but under no condition will the warranty last more than 15 months. In warranty period, HZSS will fix the product for free, and if the heat exchanger can not be fixed than we will change a new one for you. Beyond warranty period, the repair service will be paid for.
For HZSS to find the problem and dealing with it earlier, we wish you to filling the Product Problem Reply Letter and send it to us.
FAX:+86-571-6451 5888
Service Standard
After receiving your apply for after-sales service, Our sales manager will reply you within 24 hours(except weekend and holiday).

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