Hangzhou Shenshi Coil-in-shell heat exchanger heat pump
Hangzhou Shenshi Coil-in-shell heat exchanger heat pump

Item specifics

heat pump water heater



Coil-in-shell heat exchanger

Product Profile:

HZSS's tubular heat exchanger is suitable for refrigeration (heat pump) system, which pipe runswater and shell runs refrigerant.


Model List of Coil-in-Shell Heat Exchanger
Flow rateCapacityFlow rateCapacityFlow rateCapacity
GSS00600001R410A0.642.40847800140.501.89237500110.732.7525460016View drawing
GSS00600002R410A0.642.40847800140.501.89237500110.732.7525460016View drawing
Test condition: Evaporator, Air side temp dry/wet ball 35/24℃, water Inlet Temp 12℃,water Outlet Temp 7℃, evaporating temp 3℃Condenser1: Air side temp dry/wet ball -12/-14℃, water Inlet Temp 36℃,water Outlet Temp 41℃, condensing temp 41.5℃.Condenser2: Air side temp dry/wet ball 7/6℃, water Inlet Temp 40℃,water Outlet Temp 45℃, condensing temp 46℃. Evaporator: Air side temp dry/wet ball 95/75.2℉, water Inlet Temp 53.6℉,water Outlet Temp 44.6℉, evaporating temp 37.4℉Condenser1: Air side temp dry/wet ball 10.4/6.8℉, water Inlet Temp 96.8℉,water Outlet Temp 105.8℉, condensing temp 106.7℉.Condenser2: Air side temp dry/wet ball 44.6/42.8℉, water Inlet Temp 104℉,water Outlet Temp 113℉, condensing temp 114.8℉.

Product feature

① High thermal exchange efficicieny

(1) Inner tube is high efficiency dual-healix finned copper;pipes, and heat exchange surface is 4 times that of smooth pipe.
(2) Fin on the internal and external surface will increase the turbulence of water and refrigerant, which will increase the efficient of heat exchange.
(3) With special process, the compact structure of heat exchange coiled pipe will well ensure the heat exchange between refrigerant and water.

② Safe

(1) There is no welding point on the copper pipe, so it can make sure the system work stably for a long time.
(2) There is dead zone in the water passageway, water flow at a balance speed. And heat exchanger will not easyly get frozen at part area.
3)Water gap is at the lowest position of heat exchanger, and that will be convinient for drain away water in cold weather.

③ Small

(1) The compact structure will help save room for a system, and it is convinient to set other part of a system, so it can decline the overall dimension of all system.
(2) There is reservoir inside, and that will safe a lot of space for a system.



Coil-in-shell heat exchanger is widely applied for: heat pump water heater, air source heat pump water heater,central air-conditioning,water source heat pump,swimming pool device, heat recovery system, heating, drying etc.