SS coaxial coils

Tubular heat exchanger / spiral copper tube coil shell heat exchanger from hzss original

Group Coaxial coil heat exchanger
Min. Order 5 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2019-01-08

Condenser & Evaporator for WSHP Coils


Product Profile

HZSS's WSHP coils are specially made for water source heat pump as evaporator and condenser, with flexible shape, compact and high efficiency.


Product Features

1.Water flow in the inner tube and refrigerant flow in gap between the inner and outter coil, to enhance turbulence intensity and heat transfer coefficient..

2.Spirally corrugated inner tube increase heat transfer surface to creat higher efficiency.

3.Reliable with higher pressure stand and less welding points.

4.Anti-freezing and self-cleaning.



Product Technical Parameters

Note: Model SS-0XXXGT, G means Carton Steel, T means Copper

Test Condition: As Evaporator, water inlet temp 68℉, Evaporating Temp 50℉;as Condenser, water inlet temp 85℉, Comdensing Temp 104℉


Product Dimensions