Hydrogen Liquefaction

Hydrogen Liquefaction

Diffusion bonded plate-fin HE for cryogenic low temperature field

hydrogen liquefaction

Steel plate-fin heat exchanger for hydrogen liquefaction system

The heat exchangers used in the domestic hydrogen liquefaction system are mainly aluminum alloy plate-fin heat exchangers. Due to the high leakage rate requirements, the aluminum plates are thick, large, heavy, and easy to leak. At the same time, aluminum alloy plate-fin heat exchangers and stainless steel pipes will face difficulties in bonding aluminum alloy and stainless steel.The stainless steel plate-fin heat exchanger developed and manufactured by Shenshi has solved many of the above problems and filled the gap of the steel plate-fin heat exchanger in the field of hydrogen liquefaction in China.

plate fin heat exchanger


· High and low temperature resistance;

· High compactness & high heat exchange efficiency;

· Low leakage rate;

· High bonding strength, and the secondary bonding has no effect on the core bond.


Low temperature LNG transportation and storage, liquid hydrogenation and liquid nitridation, etc.