Cold air system for table concentrator|test case

Cold air system for table concentrator|test case

Miniature air cooled air cooling system

This product is a micro compression refrigeration system, consists of micro compressor, micro channel heat exchanger, throttle structure, electronic control.

This product can be embedded into the user’s equipment, through the refrigeration cycle of the compressor, resulting in cold air, it can keep the equipment in a constant low temperature environment.。


1. Product features

①Small size and light weight:
Ultra micro design, high quality energy saving of micro compressor for military engineering quality standard, compact structure, small size
②High efficiency:
The refrigeration efficiency of the small micro refrigeration system is about 2, which is 5 times of the semiconductor refrigeration efficiency, and is far higher than other refrigeration and cooling methods.
③High temperature control accuracy:
The temperature can be manually set on the touch screen, and the product can achieve the temperature control accuracy of 1 degrees centigrade.
④High reliability and safety:
product development through a series of reliability and safety testing. The factory production of each product must go through the corresponding type test (vibration, pressure, high and low temperature environment, weather resistance, oil return, condensation, protection, liquid pump / fan components such as reliability, performance, electrical safety etc).

2.Product structure and parameters


Application example-Constant temperature cooling table concentrator


Application example-Little high-low temperature experiment box

2.1 Naming rules


2.2 Product configuration

NO.Component TypeComponent description
1CompressorMiniature DC variable frequency compressor
2EvaporatorFined Copper pipe heat exchanger 
3CondenserParallel flow micro-channel heat exchanger
4Throttle structurecapillary
5CryogenR134a Cryogen
6Circuit boardCompressor drive plate

2.3 Structure


2.4 Dimensions


2.5 Technology parameters

Host Parameter
Nominal refrigerating capacityW150
Nominal powerW80
Main input voltageVDC20~26
Rated voltage of hostVDC 24
Rated current of hostA3.33
Maximum current of hostA6.25
Range of output water temperature°C0~25
Communication mode■Serial communication speed regulation □ Voltage speed regulation
Maximum wind pressurePa90
Working environment temperature°C+5~+45
Storage environment temperature°C-30~+70
Net weight of hostkg3.2
Host noisedB(A)47~52
Circulating medium Wind
Note: Nominal working condition: The ambient temperature is 45 degrees centigrade. The liquid temperature is 25 degrees centigrade.


3.1 Working range


NOTE: Working over load for a long time, host will warm.

3.2 Cooling capacity


4.Fault code

LED indicator lightFault
Red light onNormally standby 
Red light blink 1 timeWork normally
Red light blink 2 timesMotor breakdown
Red light blink 4 timesover/low voltage 
Red light blink 6 timesThermal switch breakdown
Red light blink 8 timesCommunication breakdown