Heat dissipation system for confined space|separated cooling system

Heat dissipation system for confined space|separated cooling system

Heat dissipation for confined space
separated cooling system

This product is a refrigeration system with a refrigerating capacity of 400W, it is designed with split thin section (inner machine height less than 40mm), so as to occupy the precious space as much as possible in the equipment. Inner and outer machine connector both use full sealed quick joint. The inner machine has no water design, and it can carry out self-control without condensate water.


1. Product features

①Small size and light weight:
The thickness of the inner machine is only 40mm, and the outer machine adopts a slender structure to facilitate the installation and layout in the narrow space.
②High refrigerating capacity:
When the ambient temperature is 40 degrees centigrade and the temperature is 25 degrees in the equipment space, the refrigerating capacity is 400W. (The higher the ambient temperature is, the lower the refrigerating capacity is, and the lower the room temperature is, the lower the refrigerating capacity is).
③High efficiency:
The refrigeration efficiency of the small micro refrigeration system is about 2, which is 5 times of the semiconductor refrigeration efficiency, and is far higher than other refrigeration and cooling methods.
④Easy operation:
The refrigerant connection and electrical connection of the product are both plugged by the quick connector.
⑤High temperature control accuracy:
The temperature can be manually set on the touch screen, and the product can achieve the temperature control accuracy of 1 degrees centigrade.
⑥High reliability and safety:
product development through a series of reliability and safety testing. The factory production of each product must go through the corresponding type test (vibration, pressure, high and low temperature environment, weather resistance, oil return, condensation, protection, liquid pump / fan components such as reliability, performance, electrical safety etc.).

⑦Good environmental adoptability:
a.Adapt to mobile sloshing environment (transportation, people carry).
b.Adapt to 0.5 ~ 1 atmospheric pressure (high altitude) working environment.
c.According to the requirements, it have the corresponding level of waterproof and dustproof function, electromagnetic compatibility, medical device certification.

2.Product structure and parameters

2.1 Naming rules


2.2 Product configuration

NO.Component TypeComponent NameComponent Description
1OutdoorCompressorMiniature DC variable frequency compressor
2CondenserParallel flow micro-channel heat exchanger
3CryogenR134a Cryogen
4Display PanelTouch panel
5IndoorEvaporatorMicro-channel heat exchanger
6HousingShellAluminum alloy shell,Surface anodic oxidation treatment

2.3 Host structure


2.4 Host dimension


2.5 Technical specification table

Nominal refrigerating capacityW400
Nominal powerW155
Host input voltageVDC20~26
Host rated voltageVDC24
Host Rater currentA6.5
Host maximum currentA10.0
Equipment space temperature range°CSuggest:15.0~40.0
Temperature control modeTouch screen settings, host self-control
Working environment temperature°C-40~+55
Storage environment temperature°C-40~+70
Host Net weightIndoorkg2.0
Host noisedB(A)57(indoor)/ 52(outdoor)
Circulating medium 100%pure water or distilled water
Appearance material■Aluminum/ ■Silvery □Blue □Black □Others
Note: Nominal working condition: The ambient temperature is 40 degrees centigrade. The Internal air temperature is 25 degrees centigrade.

3.Product performance

3.1Working range


Note: It will warm when the machine working a long time over lord.

3.2 Refrigerating capacity


4.Fault code

F1Compressor overload/condenser foulingF16Fan 3 overload
F2Compressor self-protectionF17Fan 4 broken line
F3Compressor communication failureF18Fan 4 overload
F4High temperature protection of compressorF26Environmental temperature sensor fault
F11Fan 1 broken lineF27Liquid temperature sensor fault
F12Fan 2 broken lineF28Fault of inlet temperature sensor
F13Fan 3 broken lineF42Environmental temperature anomaly
F14Fan 1 overloadF43Anti-freezing protection
F15Fan 2 overlandF44Overvoltage/under voltage of power supply

Note:When some fault occurs, the host will continue to operate, but it will automatically take some recovery measures or alternative measures.