SS coaxial coils

shell and pipe heat exchangers coding instruction

Shell and Pipe Heat Exchanger Model Coding Instruction

System Number Code

Code for Application Machine

Shell - Inner Pipe Material Code

Capacity Code

Short Name for Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.

Others Note 
System NumberNone - single system
S - double system
3,4,5... n... -means n systems
Applicated MachineF - 1 Freon loop and 1 Water loop
F2 - 2 Freon loop and 1 water
Outer - Inner tube materialGS - Steel & Plastic           T - Red Copper     N - Cupronickel(Bfe10-1-1)    
Ti - Titanium              
Capacity CodeCapacity code is 0 ~ 1000, the large number means large capacity, but the unmber does not mean the capacity.