SS coaxial coils


     HZSS manufacture base is located in Dadiankou Industrial Zone, Hangtou Town Jiande Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, mainly produce of coaxial heat exchanger, shell & pipe heat exchanger, shell & tueb heat exchanger, tube in shell heat exchanger, evaporative condenser. 
And our company also has advanced printed circuit heat exchangers(PCHE), diffusion bonded plate fin heat exchangers(FPHE), 
diffusion bonded 
hybrid heat exchangers(H²X), microchemical continuous flow reaction system/industrialized device, and have independent intellectual property rights, indenpendent core technology.

    HZSS factory, which is for a variety of auxiliary parts processing, assembly welding, product testing, packaging etc., covers an area of 44000 m2, and the production of many kinds of applications. There are a number of production lines in the workshop, and equipped with automatic production and processing equipment and high efficiency ERP, MES, OA manager system,the factory can manufacture 1 million units heat exchangers every year.
Quality Control for Material
Material dimensions and surface test
    Professional tester will test the dimensions strictly when they come to our factory.
Material chemical component test
    HZSS have special chemical test lab for testing the chemical component of row material.
Mechanical property
    Every batch material will test by mechanical property test machine.
5S Management
Management Detial-1
Management Detial-2
Product Detection
Helium Leakage Test Machine
Oil Paint Thick test  
Salt Spray Test