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Shell pipe heat exchanger standard drafted by HZSS is formally published

Time: 2014-07-12

Recently, a good news came from china national Standardization Technical Committee of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment that shell pipe heat exchanger standard 《Refrigeration and air conditioning with shell pipe heat exchanger》drafted by HZSS is formally published on May 06th, 2014. This standard (Standard No.: JB/T 11970-2014) will be officially implemented on 01 October 2014 from the china national standardization technical committee of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, promulgated in the year of 2014 No. 32th".

Shell pipe heat exchanger is the great originality by HZSS which is the breakthrough in small heat exchanger area in recent years.

The heat exchange pipe is a new small channel product developed from the international heat transfer enhancement technology. The heat exchange pipe is made of high efficiency inner grooved pipe. The heat exchanger is mainly divided into Air-cooled modular shell pipe heat exchanger and swimming pool shell pipe heat exchanger.

This series of products have the characteristics of small size, low refrigerant charge, strong corrosion resistance, long service life and low maintenance cost. Detachable products because of its unique structure, good heat exchange efficiency, corrosion resistance, can be widely used in chillers, air-cooled chiller, water source/ground source/ air source heat pump, air conditioning and heat pump


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