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Mr. Shen Weili accepted the media interview in the 6th ground source heat pump industry forum

Time: 2014-10-15
Summary: In september 2014, the 6th ground source heat pump industry forum held in Hangzhou. Mr. Shen Weili who is the chairman of HZSS was invited to participate in the forum and accepted the media interview.

In a brief interview, Mr. Shen pointed out that "According to the situation in abroad, the heat pump industry has developed for many years which plays a very good role; China is also very supportive for this industry, the future is expected to have more support."

When asked about the development of the industry and the forum. Mr. Shen said, " Forum provides very good colleagues communication opportunities and platforms for this industry.

At the same time, the development of an industry needs all aspects of coordination, and forum pay less attention and introduction to some of the new parts relatively. As the new HZSS energy saving shell pipe heat exchanger since from 2009, it is an innovative product which is according to the characteristics and needs of the heat pump industry, strong pertinence, good effect; Like this kind of energy-saving products, it should get more publicity and promote the development and progress of the industry."

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