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HZSS Was Listed On The New Third Board Successfully

Time: 2014-10-24
Recently, Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., LTD. (formerly Hangzhou Shenshi Heat Exchanger Co., LTD.), officially landed on the new third board (national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system), securities code 831224.

Shen shi energy saving was founded in 2005, located in the city of jiande city, the big shop of the big shop. The company is a young spirit, science and technology, management science, distinctive outstanding enterprises. The company is dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of high efficiency and energy-saving heat exchanger. At present, it is the largest coaxial heat exchanger manufacturer, the pioneer and standard drafting unit of the tube heat exchanger, and has the international leading micro-channel heat exchanger technology. The company has established zhejiang provincial high-tech research and development center, has independent intellectual property rights and independently mastered the core technology products multiple, has been awarded dozens of patents.
It is not easy to develop from the grass-roots enterprises, and thank you very much for the company and support of friends from all walks of life. In the future, on the road of realizing the mission of "huhuibo and lide", shen has a bigger dream, and we are eager to join hands with you!

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