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Shen's first internal training was completed successfully

Time: 2012-01-12
The competition of the enterprise is finally the competition of the quality and ability of the staff. Shen has always advocated the growth and development of employees and enterprises. To this end, the company launched the "shen's first internal training course" in November 2011 after extensive soliciting of staff opinions.
The first training course lasted nearly two months, and was divided into five periods and 18 courses. Mainly from the quality management of manufacturing center, process management, plan management, supervisor management, etc., as well as company A3, W3 system operation, computer maintenance, and daily work of various practical skills. The details are as follows:
1. The basic knowledge of heat exchanger basic knowledge
2. office practical tips 
3. team management knowledge, experience sharing 
4. A3, W3 system operation
5. processing technology preparation and management
6. Basic financial knowledge 
7. how to retain 
8. plan management 
9. site management (5S)
10. Product quality file 
11. computer maintenance base 
12. inspection process and process control
13. quality management basic course 
14. objective management 
15. staff manual to read 
16. workshop assembly line production management
17. Innovative thinking 
18. execution force
A total of 440 people attended the training. Through the hr department, the overall feedback is good. Many employees report that "the lessons come from the little bits and pieces around them, and much of the information that is being taught is exactly what needs to be learned and replenished at work". The year 2012 has already begun, and the New Year will bring more development and challenges. The company will continue to promote internal training and promotion in 2012, so that employees and companies can develop better.

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