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HZSS 2011 annual meeting was a complete success

Time: 2011-01-07
Shen is an unusual year, this year is shen harvest year this year, this year is shen is hard for a year, but shen in the step steady through the years, in order to make this a year can have a satisfactory full stop, administrative affairs of the early start planning the annual meeting of a is different from before, to declare is not an ordinary one. Annual meeting we have the honor to invite to the vice mayor of jiande: Mr. Li lei, hangtou town party secretary: Mr Zhong Liping, hangtou town mayor: ms li jun, vice mayor: hangtou town, Mr GuanJianJiang and hangtou town leaders and big mouth village, pang ka tsuen, thousand source village, village cadres, etc.
The annual conference will change the past rigid reporting methods, take the performance and commendation interlude, happy and easy to feel the prize interaction, the form is lively, the idea is novel. It brings the joy of family reunion and the shock of the soul to all employees. We have verified that we have gained hope and achievements in our work. In life, we harvest happiness and harvest friendship.
Full participation is the keynote of the annual conference, and self-compiled programs, which express positive cohesion and enjoy the happy time. The deal not only makes the atmosphere very active, but also plays education. The elder sisters of the three workshops, "the thirty-six steps free dance", tell us that we are still young, we can fly our dreams as we can, and the song of the first high songs is driving the atmosphere of the scene. Through this party, the distance between people seemed to be shortened a lot, and some of the unpleasantness was completely gone.
Amateur level, achieve the result of professional than professional, this is interactive, harmonious, this is shen is colorful life, the atmosphere was infected with our cells, with a strong love, everyone is full of confidence. The purpose of the annual conference is to mobilize all employees to complete this year's tasks, build a corporate culture, establish common values and norms of behavior of all employees, and work together to achieve win-win results. I think we have done it, although this time we are not ready enough, but our effect has been achieved, looking at the present atmosphere, I think no one will not be moved.
Valuable annual meeting in the army to sing the "grateful heart" touch each staff present cells over, yes, everyone should have a grateful heart, we appreciate shen will give us a development platform, shen also thank all the staff can do enterprises bigger and stronger, to the whole of China, towards the world.

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