SS coaxial coils

The student's dream of Positive energy series of the HZSS heat exchanger

Time: 2017-04-06
Enterprise is not only a profit organization, but also should bear the corresponding social responsibility. Hangzhou Shen Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. in the efforts to develop business at the same time, has been in a variety of forms to repay the community, the real practice of "Jong Huibo micro, Jiangong Li de" business mission.
Recently, the company took out a sum of money, to donate to the Shouchang Town Junior Middle School of the five was students, to help these families poor, academic and academic children can round their reading dream.
Accompanied by the school leader, Shen's representative went into each of the donated students ' home, at the same time, to send condolences to the children, more encouraged to study hard, and strive to grow into the pillars of the country, with outstanding results to repay society, together to build a great motherland, prosperity and beautiful hometown.

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