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HZSS Heat Exchanger won the city's top ten industry leading enterprises, such as Rong

Time: 2013-03-20

March 19, 2013, Jiande convened the City Economic Work Conference. At the meeting, Hangzhou Shenyang Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd. with solid enterprise development, loud corporate brand, energy-saving and environmental protection business areas such as bright spots, from many outstanding enterprises, become the 2013 annual Jiande machinery manufacturing industry's only leading enterprises.

At the same time, the company also selected 2013 "Municipal Key Industrial Enterprises", the "municipal Industrial Enterprise Tax Scale Award", two "provincial New product Acceptance award."

This is the honor of Shen's company, but also the honor of all Shen people. It is the concerted efforts of all of us that have made some progress in the intricate environment.

Achievement is not only the affirmation of the past, but also the starting point of the future. Let us work together for themselves, for the enterprise, for home, for the environment to build new work!

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