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Spring, HZSS and you meet 2013 wonderful exhibition

Time: 2013-01-09
"Another spring comes." Good season, is also the time for everyone to sow together and look forward to.
For 2013, the Shenyang heat exchanger also has a great expectation and action. Shen's recent will carry many products and information, to participate in the industry's major exhibitions, including but not limited to:
March 13 to 15th, China heat pump and ancillary equipment exhibition;
April 8 to 10th, China Refrigeration exhibition;
April 15 to 19th, China Canton Fair ...
Shen's plan will be exhibited, the company has independent intellectual property rights coaxial heat exchanger products, tubular heat exchanger products, economic equipment, threaded tubes, microchannel heat exchangers and many other products, some of which will be the first exhibition in the industry, please pay attention.
Shen is looking forward to working with you new and old friends together and reunion, let us together for the industry development, energy conservation and environmental protection to make their own contribution.

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