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HZSS organization convenes the standard drafting meeting of tube heat exchanger

Time: 2012-06-21

HZSS company to improve the quality of management, special topics training to complete the successful
2012 has been gradually approaching the fall, the company in the past 2 months, the project has been designed to enhance the management of grassroots management knowledge, skills training.
Two months of training, divided into 13 training courses. Mainly from the company requirements, managers quality, management skills and tools, and so on. In the following table:
序号 Training courses
1 Training of Company's salary and appraisal management system
2 Training on the performance review process
3 Overtime approval process and attendance accounting process training
4 How to be a competent manager
5 How to get new employees started quickly
6 Gold Team Leader 1
(The working position of the leader)
7 Gold Team Leader 2
(How to manage employees and deal with unexpected events)
8 Communication skills
9 Communication training Meeting on the confirmation of the performance wage coefficient accounting, evaluation index and examination basis for various departments and posts
10 Streamline Enterprise Key processes 1
11 Streamline Enterprise Key processes 2
12 How to be a good department manager 1
13 How to be a good department manager 2
Next, the company will also be in accordance with the actual management needs, timely development of rich, diversified training courses, to promote staff and enterprises to grow together.
A glimpse of the training course:

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