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HZSS organization holds the standard drafting meeting of pipe heat exchanger industry

Time: 2015-05-05
"Tube-type heat exchanger for refrigerating air conditioning equipment" industry standard first drafting work conference held in Jiande
Recently, the national refrigeration air-conditioning Equipment Standardization Technical Committee of the relevant members and experts, to Jiande and Hangzhou Shenyang Heat Exchanger Co., Ltd., jointly on the tube-type heat exchanger standard-setting work, guidance.

During the period, the expert members of the company of Shenyang Heat exchanger products exquisite design, excellent performance has been given a higher affirmation. Jiande related leadership also in busy schedule, take the time to go to the scene of the meeting of the experts to welcome the arrival of the Committee, but also on the technology innovation of the heat exchanger put forward higher requirements and expectations.

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