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HZSS has developed Integrated Micro Channel Heat Exchanger

Time: 2016-04-15

HZSS IntegratedMicro Channel Heat Exchanger has applied the principle of enhancing theconvection heat transfer coefficient by microchannel. By making  large-scale microchannel in an integrated structure,we can greatly improve the heat transfer rate and control the flow resistance Withinthe practical value. When using for new energy heat pump, the integrated microchannel heat exchanger has advantages of impact, light, high pressureresistance, no contact resistance, portable, smart controlling etc. In additionto the application in the cold Building air conditioning, heating, hot water,food preservation, car, Marine air conditioning, etc.

HZSS Integrated Micro Channel Heat Exchanger technology has been in the leading level of the world and HZSS have intellectual property for this. HZSS can product Integrated micro channel heat exchanger from 600W to 70Kw.

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