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Our company is pleased to receive "Service guarantee G20 Hangzhou Summit advanced Collectives" honor

Time: 2017-06-08

Our company is pleased to receive "Service guarantee G20 HangzhouSummit advanced Collectives" honor

From 4th to 5th in September 2016, the G20 summit was held in perfect beauty in Hangzhou as scheduled and concluded. At the summit, our views on innovation, growth, and global economic and financial governance, promotion of international trade and investment, and promotion of inclusive and interactive development are discussed in 4 key areas.


G20 summit Gala around the theme, "the most recalling is Hangzhou", many of the programs will also show us the beauty and generosity of Hangzhou acme. Our company in Hangzhou, but also for this summit made ourefforts, according to the Jiande municipal Party committee arrangements, we actively cooperate with the company in August 31 to September 6 2016 to stop production for 7 days. The drawings are the honorary certificates issued by the municipal Party committee of Jiande recently to our company. We have been named" advanced group of service guarantee G20 Hangzhou summit".


This platform to share the good news with everyone, but also encourage all staff efforts for the further development of our company, for the economic development of Jiande City, play a role in promoting greater as we can we makegreater efforts.

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