Hangzhou Shenshi “Crazy Training Camp” Wonderful Ended

Hangzhou Shenshi “Crazy Training Camp” Wonderful Ended

Hangzhou Shenshi “Crazy Training Camp” Wonderful Ended

Hangzhou Shenshi“Crazy Training Camp” Wonderful Ended

From 18th to 19th in March 2017, our company in response to the whole network marketing demand, our company organized vice general manager, heads of departments, R&D all employees, business development staff core backbone of 47 people for 2 days and 1 Nights "crazy training camp". The two main coaches of the crazy battalion, a coah named "doctor" and another named "Wanli".


During the training process, all 47 employees were divided into 4 teams, each of whom was PK and challenged by accepting different tasks between the 4 teams. In 2 days of training, we participate in various projects and team games, respectively, "bumpy road of life", "killing game", "crazy market" and "plug identification number", "rememberteam number’s name", "We are the best team" and "Deep-Fried Dough Sticks fried" and "popcorn", "idiom game" and other popular comedy small penalty game. "Doctor" and "Wanli" coach through different team games, let us have their own perception, cognition and team awareness further sublimation. Today, I refined a few of our more unified recognition of sentiment:

1, As a team, no matter before what’s your history and background, today you are in Shenshi, we must integrate into the enterprise culture and the existingsystem of Shenshi, there are deficiencies can be improved, the premise is tofirst into.

2, As an excellent team, the need for mutual coordination between players andtacit understanding, trust and support. Anyone should be responsible for your actions and be responsible for the team.

3, The team is the super ability of people, around a common vision and goals, tolead people to comply with the rules and regulations, and decomposition of goals and functions to do things.

4, The company team is like the game to seize the market, in the management of limited resources within the management coordination, the first to tell all team members our goal is what. Only when the goal is clear and the layers are broken down can we finally achieve our goals.

5, "Bumpy life road" project, many people were moved. From the heart to ask moved, we need to do further enhance their awareness, we will for the most important person in his life or parents, for our return and action to their gratitude. The face of loved ones, we can do more physical and mental pay with care, any one is very important.

6, The task decomposition, team members, job responsibility decomposition is important, we must straighten out everyone's job responsibilities, and put into effect.

7, In the process of learning to improve, at first we should open our hearts and change our attitudes, so that we can learn more and go farther.

8, The leader's best way is not to correct the shortcomings of employees, but toplay the advantages of employees, to play advantage, bring the speed of ascension is much greater than the improvement shortcomings brought about by the lifting speed.


We believe that our partners have all their knowledge and insights, never mind, let us put these insights do not stay in our mind, let us put them summary refining in working life for the team to shine!