HZSS list "2016 Hangzhou credit enterprise demonstration unit"

HZSS list "2016 Hangzhou credit enterprise demonstration unit"

HZSS list "2016 Hangzhou credit enterprise demonstration unit"

In April 2017, Hangzhou announced the 2016 annual "Hangzhou credit management demonstration enterprises", which is the first time in Hangzhou announced credit management demonstration enterprises, a total of 40.


After the City Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, the Municipal Propaganda Department, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Credit Office), the Municipal Civilization Office of the four units to review the assessment team, and ultimately determine the 40 enterprises for the 2016 "Hangzhou credit management demonstration enterprises", valid for three years. The one of company Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd. won the honor, as "2016 Hangzhou credit enterprise demonstration units."


Credit management demonstration enterprises, need to meet the following four conditions:

1. Hangzhou enterprise credit linkage monitoring platform enterprise credit comprehensive rating for the A level;

2. Honest and trustworthy, civilized business, social awareness is high;

3. Enterprises attach importance to credit management, credit management level is high;

4. Enterprises in production and business activities in compliance with the law, social credit image is good.


Become a "credit management model enterprise" is not just an honor, it will greatly benefit the development of enterprises: Hangzhou City credit management demonstration enterprises joint work conference units will actively promote the credit management model to the community, for government departments, financial institutions and related social organization preferential support policies.


My company list "2016 Hangzhou credit enterprise demonstration units", not only for my unit honest and trustworthy, civilized business a high degreeof recognition; is our staff in the daily work of the supervision and guidance!