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HZSS Management Training Review

Time: 2017-06-08

HZSS Management Training Review

From 5th to 7th on May 2017, our company organized 30 high-level core management staff in the Jiande meeting room to carry out Shenshi energy management training. The meaning and content of the training is more specific and profound than the last training.


In the training process, the mentor Li Qin start with the character test; warm-up discussion; group PK to discuss four topics; Alibaba's corporate culture, management; 5 years after the desire to share. Among them, also interspersed with a lot of interesting games, such as "5 cents and 1 yuan"; "flowers and fist" character self-analysis and put forward the inadequacies of others; "surprise birthday" and so on. We all to the Deputy General Manager Qian Bingbao held a full of love and surprise birthday party, to celebrate the link so that everyone is blessing and moved. We hope that managers in the management process of attention to "pull latitude thinking, down latitude to do things.


From begin to the end, around the "management training" to start with PK discussion, around "how to make employees more owning a sense of ownership", "how to implement the system", "how to build employee growth system", "how to improve the assistance between departments" and group elaboration and supplemental modifications. Discuss and share is a state, but also let us gradually understand the management style, inspired how to solve some of the current problems. In addition, the end of each management staff of the "five years after the desire" more let us feeling the passion and dedication of Shenshi partners, read everyone's feelings, but also share the respective 5 years later wish. More employees are expected to return to more family and children to accompany the state, comfortable living conditions is the desire of the vast management staff.

Today's best performance is tomorrow's the lowest standard! Come on, let us keep the mentality of doing business best!

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