What is HZSS PCHE?

What is HZSS PCHE?

What is HZSS PCHE?


       PCHE, a new type of heat exchanger with high compactness, can perform heat transfer under severe conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. Using chemical etching technology, it can etch PCHE heat exchange unit channels on the order of micrometers to millimeters.

       And it is with highly compact:5000m ²/m³;high heat transfer coefficient:3000-5000/(m ²·K);small channel size:0.1-2mm;high pressure:30-250MPa;temperature resistance:-200℃-900℃;high reliability; Anti-corrosion;welding strength is equal to the strength of the base metal;no excess, no solder clogging;small size and long service life.

       HZSS PCHE adopts vacuum diffusion bonding technology: in a vacuum environment, the weldment is closely attached and kept at a certain temperature and pressure for a period of time to make the atoms between the contact surfaces diffuse to form a connection.

       Diffusion bonding features:

1.The bonding strength can reach more than 95% of the strength of the bonding material matrix;

2.No need to fill solder, so the temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the weld depends on the material itself;

3.There is no remelted as-cast structure in the joint, and the physical and chemical properties of raw materials are rarely changed, and the weld has no heat-affected zone;

4.The bonded product has only microplastic deformation and small residual stress. It can be processed, reshaped and cleaned after bonding. It is an ideal bonding method for precision parts.

       After repeated production inspections and tests, HZSS PCHE can be practically applied to supercritical CO₂ power generation systems, nuclear power, hydrogen energy, gas turbines, LNG offshore oil and gas platforms, aerospace, and cryogenic fields, etc.