Successful application case of Hangzhou Shenshi Channel Industrialization

Successful application case of Hangzhou Shenshi Channel Industrialization

Successful application case of Hangzhou Shenshi Channel Industrialization

Successful application case of HangzhouShenshi Channel Industrialization

       In the pastten years, micro-channel reactortechnology has developed rapidly. Through the design of

the channel shape,the channel size has been extended to the millimeter level, and thecharacteristics of the

micro-channel reactor can be maintained to meet theneeds of industrial production, while achieving "size

enlargement"and "number increase enlargement" "Combined, especially suitablefor multi-phase difficult to

mix, strong exothermic, difficult to control fastreaction, and intermediate unstable, flammable and explosive

reactions,suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, dyes and other fields.


Figure 1 micro-channel reactor

        Hangzhou Shenshi began to introducemicro-channel heat exchanger technology in 2010, and cooperated

with well-knowndomestic universities such as Zhejiang University and Tsinghua University. Itis in a leading

position in the development and design of micro-reactionsystems.

Figure 2 micro-channel reactor

            Micro-chemicalcontinuous flow reaction system is the first civilian product developed byHangzhou

Shenshi's self-developed micro-level channel structure design andvacuum diffusion welding technology

application innovation. The device realizesthe product characteristics of safety, high mass transfer efficiency,

high heattransfer efficiency, high pressure bearing capacity, high temperatureresistance and high corrosion


       The micro-chemical system innovated a new reactorproduction process, improved the original reaction

conditions, optimized thechemical process, and overturned the intermittent production of traditionalreactors.

The reaction mode was realized as a microchannel continuous flowreaction automation control. The industrial

control of the device isincorporated into the DCS remote centralized control system, becoming an

unattended, continuous and intelligent production of the entire productionline. Among them, the Shenshi

Microchemical reaction plate adopts more than tenunique structural designs, which can be superimposed

according to differentreaction conditions.

         Inaddition, the micro-reaction system also adopts a modular design, assembling anintegrated micro-

channel reactor, an  Diffusion bonded hybridheat exchanger, an Printed circuit heat exchanger, and a

tubular reactor. Differentpermutations and combinations can meet the requirements of different chemical

processes. Miniaturization and mobility of industrial equipment.

Successful industrial application cases

        Hangzhou Shenshi Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.and Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd.

cooperate in the field ofmicrochemicals. Yangnong Chemical is the largest production base of new-type

biomimetic pesticides-pyrethroids in China. Industries such as chloropropane,agricultural and sanitary

 pyrethroids have leading market positions and global influence.


Figure 3 Chemical plant

          YangnongChemical’s original intermediate production plant with an annual throughput of18,000 tons

covers an area of about 150 square meters and a building area ofabout 300 square meters. The workshop

requires two floors and the total heightof the device is about 15 meters. The intermediate project is changed

toShenshi  After the integrated micro-channel reactor, the whole device onlyneeds a 40-foot container to 

be fully loaded. The area is only about 28 squaremeters, and the height of the equipment does not exceed 2



Figure 4 Shenshi micro-channel reactor device

       The projectused the Hangzhou integrated micro-channel reactor to completely overturn theoriginal

reaction conditions, and the scale-up experiment of the productionscale proved that the production yield of

the product was increased by 6-8%. Inaddition, more than 1 million energy costs were saved each year.

      HangzhouShenshi's micro-reaction system has outstanding advantages in energy saving,environmental

protection, efficiency, space, safety, etc., and is anindispensable upgrade replacement product for traditional

 chemical heatexchange equipment and reaction equipment.