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What kind of research has Shenshi made on the development of hydrogen energy?

What kind of research has Shenshi made on the development of hydrogen energy?

Hydrogen energy is regarded as the clean energy with the greatest development potential in the 21st century. Human beings have been interested in the application of hydrogen energy 200 years ago. Since the 1970s, many countries and regions in the world have carried out extensive research on hydrogen energy. Today, the use of hydrogen energy has made great progress.

Shenshi's actively invests in the research of hydrogen energy, and develops and produces the hydrogen cooler. It can be used in hydrogen refueling stations to absorb the heat energy generated by the pressure release when hydrogen is injected into hydrogen fueled vehicles at the hydrogen refueling station, to perform efficient high-temperature and low-temperature conversion, and to quickly convert high pressure to low pressure, which effectively improves the energy conversion rate. And the safety of hydrogen refueling stations.

The hydrogen cooler has the characteristics of high pressure resistance, freeze resistance, small size, etc., and the hydrogen is cooled from 40 degrees to minus 40 degrees through a refrigerant or other medium. Its anti-explosion, anti-freeze, low temperature and other advantages are perfect solutions to improve the reliability and advanced nature of hydrogen refueling stations in the future.

Shenshi's research on hydrogen energy input has been continuously deepened, and it has actively participated in the cooperation of national hydrogen energy projects. Contribute to national energy development and green environmental protection.

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