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What type of heat exchanger is PCHE?

What type of heat exchanger is PCHE?

Printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE, also known as Diffusion-bomded Compact Heat Exchanger (DCHE)) is a new type of printed circuit board heat exchanger based on 3D printing technology. It is compact as a new type of heat exchanger. High degree, it can heat transfer under harsh conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. PCHE heat exchange unit channels on the order of microns to millimeters can be etched using chemical etching techniques.

PCHE is a compact heat exchanger with excellent heat transfer performance and high efficiency. The heat exchanger plate is closely arranged with many periodic channels, different types of hot and cold fluids (air, helium, natural gas, water and supercritical). Carbon dioxide, etc.) flows in the channel of the semi-circular cross section, and heat exchange occurs, and the PCHE has a relatively high heat exchange capacity per unit volume.

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