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what is micro-chemical?

what is micro-chemical?

Micro-chemical technologies usually include systems such as micro-heat exchange, micro-reaction, micro-separation and micro-analysis, of which the first two are more important.

Micro-chemical technology starts from the source of chemical preparation process and equipment, and utilizes the microchannel reactor to enhance the mixing (mass transfer) and heat transfer, and the reaction liquid holding capacity is small (intrinsically safe), without the advantage of amplification effect. Integrate continuous steady state and integrated automation into the optimization of chemical synthesis processes, design, and large production processes. The continuous flow process is an important technical means to improve the intrinsic safety of hazardous chemicals production and realize industrial transformation and upgrading.


The micro-chemical process is a chemical process carried out in a confined space of micrometers or sub-millimeters (0.1-1 mm) centered on microstructured components. For microreactors, the characteristic length is usually required to be less than 0.5 mm. In the micro-chemical process, the small dispersion scale enhances the mixing and transfer process, thereby improving the controllability and efficiency of the process. When applied to industrial production processes, large-scale production is usually achieved in accordance with the basic principle of parallel amplification.

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